Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands. Mysterious, that’s the word often come to mind when people talk about the island. In fact, Easter Island is a beautiful and welcoming place. There are a lot of to see besides those huge Moai. The rain can come at any time, but only lasts 10 minutes. The food is very nice too. Sitting in a small restaurant by the sea and watching people in the port nearby, it’s what a vacation should be.

Serengeti’s Great Migration is the yearly movement of as many as 1.5 million wildebeests around Serengeti plains, covering more than 1000 miles. Large numbers of other animals, especially zebras, gazelles and impalas travel with them. Driven by the force of nature, they have been doing this for millions of years.

While Maroon Bells maybe one of the most photographed scenes in North America, there are many beautiful places around Aspen in fall time. This is on Hwy. 24 near Buena Vista. The light was bad. It’s the mid of the day. The sun was directly on top of us, strong and harsh. The picture comes out of it was pretty flat, but the view was open and the shape of the cloud intrigued me. I converted the image to black and white, brought the contrast up a bit, then the picture became much more interesting.

On our way back from the Temple of Olympian Zeus, I noticed the Hadrian’s Arch was painted with the bright golden color by the sunset. I were almost running to the entrance of the Acropolis. I have seen many sunset, but this was once in a lifetime experience. The last ray of the sun rendered the Acropolis and the surrounding city into the glorious colors, morphing from golden to red to purple. Glory, it’s the feeling filled my heart.

Wherever we went to, we brought the rain with us. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world. There is a tour that leads visitors to climb to its top. I’m sure it would be a totally different experience, but the weather was cloudy and rainy and the tour doesn’t allow climbers to bring their own camera, so we decided to just enjoy it from afar.

When we got to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the sun was already low in the sky. We were the only visitors in its whole perimeter. Looking at the mosque and the spiral minaret, I felt I was standing in a Star Wars scene. A journey through Cairo is like a virtual time travel, including to the future.

You don’t have to walk into a high-end restaurant to enjoy the beautiful food in Japan. Those dishes are so artfully plated that you want to cherish them instead of consuming them. It is said that it’s because the resources was relatively scarce in the past so Japanese had to make the food appealing to appetite, however, I believe searching for ever-greater aesthetic refinement is in their blood. The elegant packaging design and decorative Kimono that girls wear are just two other examples.

Penguins are not just cute-looking, goofy-acting animals. They lay their eggs on top of the hill to see the first ray of sunshine of early summer. They walk down and climb back to the hill every day or every other day, to the sea to find food for their chicks. They are threatened by seals and crashed by waves onto the rocks. It’s not an easy life that they are living.

It was 5am. The sky was all covered by cloud. I pointed the camera to the ground for flowers. For no reason, I raised my head and I saw this. I was totally stunned. The tripod fell down and my camera hit the ground. I had to clean the lens so I only managed to take two pictures. I can assure you the color is real. In fact, a moment before this, the mountain on the left was brighter.