Sketch out some designs of vintage suitcase elements. The corners are circles scored into quarters and cut from edge to centre on one of the scores. All you need is a bit of white paint and a black sharpie. 6 comments: Anonymous 21 February 2016 at 14:07:) it is awesome. Decorate the background of your theater or leave it blank.. Another option: measure and cut out rectangles to fit inside the shoebox, and create custom backgrounds.Simply tack or tape backdrops into the base of the shoebox. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. There is no template for this, its just a box with a lid. Upcycled Shoe Boxes. Nov 12, 2016 - DIY Idea; a Suitcase Box from a Old Shoe Box. Labels: DIY Crafts. Stickers are made by using mainly Art by Design stamps and other stamps using the SAMJ and markers. This is so much fun to make. Tape a two-inch piece of string onto the middle of the shoe box lid, and tape the other end of the string onto a one-inch white foam ball. For an inexpensive DIY home decor idea to help organize any room in the house, try making these upcycled shoe box storage bins with buttons. Home » DIY Crafts » DIY Suitcase Out of Shoe Box. blogg.skonahem.

Looking for ways to make use of your old unused shoeboxes? This cute shoe box craft shows you how to turn a humble shoe box into some really cute craft storage. Things like the locks, corners and handles. Monday, 3 February 2014. See more ideas about Interior, Shoe box and Patchwork curtains. Posted by The Idea King at 17:19. ... Vintage suitcase drawn shoeboxes by Pillar Box Blue […] Reply. DIY Suitcase Out of Shoe Box.

Jul 27, 2015 - Explore aimarahm's board "DIY Suitcase Out of Shoe Box" on Pinterest. Next Newer Post Previous Older Post. Cut out a one-inch slit from the opposite side of the shoe box. Cut out a two-inch hole from the side of the box with scissors. DIY Ideas With Shoe Boxes 1.