Phyllostachys Bissetti/David Bisset Bamboo-Very Cold Hardy Down to -15 Degrees g.

Enjoy your bamboo articles! Mulching with 6″ of organic mater such as leaves, bark or compost will help to insulate roots of your bamboo.

Most thrive in a partial shade environment, but there is enough variety to find a suitable clumping bamboo for just about any need. Tropical clumpers require a minimum climate zone of 8a, while cold hardy ones tolerate 6a and above. Navigation. 5 out of 5. The numbers in parentheses indicate the lowest temperature (Fahrenheit) that they can survive; use this number to rank the plants for cold-hardiness: Fargesia dracocephala: (-10F).

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Bamboo Is Cold Hardy, But Also Takes High Heat Potted Black Bamboo doing fine under snow in sub-zero weather. We offer both tropical clumpers and cold hardy ones. The Fargesias are among the most cold-hardy bamboo plants.

It does get damaged, however, when there’s cold sunny weather with cold dry winds. Our bamboo garden, Megumi no Sono, is located in northern Indiana approximately 60 … For 3 generations Cold Hardy Palms & Bamboo has been serving the Charleston, SC area with high-quality palm trees, bamboo, and tree services at competitive prices.

Clumping bamboos spread slower and more systematically than our running bamboos. Solid Stem – Hardy to zone 4, this bamboo thrives in wet conditions. Plant this running bamboo in full sun. Gardening is fun!

And often it gets hot in the summer now that the climate is changing, many days above 30*C, which was not the case in times past. I will write about winter preparations. Read more; …

This group of tropical clumping bamboo includes several varieties that are perfect for creating a beautiful hedge, a wind break barrier or a garden focal point.

Clumping bamboos spread slower and more systematically than our running bamboos. $18.52 $ 18.

Below you will find cold hardy bamboo varieties that will grow and survive in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5. Home; Plant list; Bamboo Shooting Calendar ; Phyllostachys Pubescens Moso. Gracilis Bamboo $ 84.00 Select options; Chusquea gigantea $ 129.00 Select options; Rufa. Showing all 5 results. Navigation. Hardy to zone 5, it reaches 8 to 10 feet in height. I try to get as accurate dates of shooting to allow shooting date compa... Gardening is fun!

The figures used below come courtesy of the Bamboo Garden website. Some kinds will survive winter as far north as USDA cold-hardiness zone 5.

Moso is the largest temperate cold hardy bamboo variety available. Tropical clumpers require a minimum climate zone of 8a, while cold hardy ones tolerate 6a and above. Product's Features; Feature Value; Colors: Green: Deer Resistant: No: Max Height (feet): 23: Plant Lighting: Full Sun: Season Color: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter : Zones: 5-10: Recently Viewed Items. Ruscus – An interesting bamboo with dense, short leaves that give it the appearance of a shrub or hedge. 24 product ratings 24 product ratings - 1 Vivax Timber BAMBOO PLANT 6to8 inchs each cold hardy to minus15 deg USA stock 1-16 of 150 results for "cold hardy bamboo" 1 Vivax Timber- BAMBOO PLANT (6to8 inchs each)cold hardy to minus15 degrees. 52.

We specifically grow bamboo species that are cold hardy to USDA zone 5 and south. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Fargesia robusta: (0 degrees F). Cold-hardy bamboo, which has the genus name Fargesia, is a clumping, evergreen bamboo with varieties that tolerate temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

We offer both tropical clumpers and cold hardy ones.

It grows to 10 feet in height.

Grows to 12 feet in height. We work with suppliers throughout the Eastern U.S. and have worked with just about every variety of palm tree and bamboo on the market.

To grow bamboo plants in northern climates, you need to find one of the cold-hardy bamboo plants. …

We offer several varieties of Cold Hardy Bamboo that grow well in cooler southern climates of USDA zones 8b and 9a that are tolerant to intermittent temperatures reaching 15 to 18 degrees fahrenheit .

Hardy Bamboo grows to about 23' tall and makes a wonderful large screen or windbreak or can provide stabilization and erosion control on banks.

Cold-Hardy Growers. I live in Canada, on the east coast, and in USDA zone 6, because it’s closer to the ocean, we don’t get extreme cold–usually. Clumping Bamboo.

Rest assured, when you buy cold hardy bamboo plants online from Wilson Bros Gardens, we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! Home; Plant list; Bamboo Shooting Calendar; Bamboo Shooting Calendar. Grows to 8-12 feet in height.