There are various ways you can use bat guano. Highest quality products Our products are harvested in Africa under optimal conditions and processed to pellets and into a highly concentrated liquid in Europe. On that note, you can either use the fertilizer in its fresh or dried form. The fertilizer quality of any particular bat guano depends on variety of factors. These can include: the type of rock in which the guano cave formed, the feeding habits of the bat species producing the guano, the guano’s age, and the progress of mineralization in the guano (which undergoes an endless transformation through chemical and biological processes). Did you know that our products improve microlife and … Now, let’s check out how you can use bat guano to enrich your vegetable garden. Happy Frog ® Cavern Culture ® Fertilizer is a proprietary blend of bat and seabird guano, rock phosphate and soil microbes that is specially formulated to deliver the nutrition necessary for flowering and bud development.

How to Improve Garden with Bat Guano. DTE WHOLESALE GUANOS . ABG's Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer is very effective in … Guanos have been used for centuries as fertilizers for all kinds of plants. The bat guano will easily hold dense soils together and make the dense soil a little lighter. ... A Wholesale Home and Garden Company and Natural, Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer . Bat guano refers to the bat’s poop that has been accumulated on the bottom of a cave floor. For example, an NPK of bat guano claimed to be 7-3-1 means that the percentage of nitrogen in the bat guano by weight is a minimum of 7%. The minimum amount of P205 (an available phosphate) must be 3% of the fertilizer by weight. Many people recognize the benefits of seabird and bat guanos for use as natural, organic fertilizers at various stages of plant growth. Guano is also a compost activator which speeds up the decomposition and can assist with control of harmful nematodes in the soil. All our products are approved by Ecocert and suitable for organic farming. Organic bat guano fertilizer is a very versatile product that has several applications, owing to its efficacy with a large variety of crops. When seeking a superfood for plants, know that it should contain three nutrients, namely, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. CaveOrganics bat guano has the natural ingredients of this fertilizer are suitable for supporting the growth of vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamental plants.

Archipelago Bat Guano is a socially and environmentally responsible company that provides home gardeners with what we believe is the best phosphate, calcium, and micronutrient fertilizer available.
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And look no further than bat guano, it has all the three nutrients.