The Ministry of Fisheries invites applicants for subsidy assistance to existing commercial shrimp farmers under the Aquaculture Shrimp Development Project 2018/2019. The Aquaculture Division's key responsibilities are to manage and coordinate Aquaculture activities in Fiji to achieve the effective management and sustainable development of the Aquaculture sector in Fiji. Symbol Title From to Total Budget; TCP/FIJ/3702 : Technical assistance for the review of Fiji's Biosecurity Promulgation: 2019: 2021: 219,000$ TCP/FIJ/3703 : Technical assistance to support the National Agriculture Census 2019 The two sectors are resource based underpinned by the demand for sustainable management and conservation. Many understand the importance of the close connections between agriculture, the economy, food security and livelihoods … Welcome to the Ministry of Fisheries and Forest (MFF) The Fisheries & Forestry sectors are two important economic sectors for Fiji.

Fiji's aquaculture sector is already worth several millions of dollars and has the potential and demand to grow further. They also contribute immensely to the food security needs of the national and to the overall fight to reduce poverty. Carps : 1975 was introduced from India and kept in the ponds at Lami. Bula Vinaka,Namaste and Welcome!!! It is my honor to welcome you to the new Ministry of Fisheries website.

History of Aquaculture Development: Fresh water aquaculture in 1954,Tilapia ... improved strain of tilapia was introduced and this has brought a different dimension to tilapia culture in the Fiji Islands. The Fisheries sector boasts diverse resources of marine life species. Based on articles in the Fiji Sun dated 21 January 2019, Fiji TV News dated 15 January and 13 February 2019 and “So keeping this in mind this fish hatchery was built for the purpose of providing support services to our farmers, it’s a hatchery so we are giving hatchery produce, juveniles of fish … Fiji is ready for large scale industrial aquaculture and investors are encouraged to seize and capitalize this opportunity. Country brief Fiji has a population of 898 760 in 2016 a land area of 18 376 km 2, a coastline of 5 010 km, and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.29 million km 2.Fisheries contribution to GDP in 2015 was estimated as USD 65.7 million, contributing 1.6 percent of national GDP. SPC Aquaculture. As the effects of climate change heighten, adaptive sustainable agriculture in Fiji has been recognized as a crucial measure by various actors, including farmers and their communities, various local and national nongovernmental organizations and the Fiji government. “Aquaculture for Fiji means food security, poverty reduction and import substitution. In August 2015, in response to a request from the Fiji Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, SPC mobilized to assist with the trialling and transfer of this technology to Fiji.

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